Start Low Tox Living

Ready to start your low tox life?

When you start your low tox oily life with me, you become apart of our amazing community, the Botanica Tribe, where you have access to:

☼ Information and resources in our exclusive facebook community

☼ Supportive and compassionate women that want to support and encourage you on your new low tox living life.

☼ Continuing education in our many classes, zoom chats and team calls

☼ A healthier and safer home, a more conscious mindset and a more informed mind to help you create your best life.

Let’s get you started!

☼1.Click this link

*this link will take you to Young Living’s website, select the wholesale membership to receive 24% off retail price. By following the link above, my member number 21888552 will appear in the “Sponsor” and “Enroller” fields.  You’ll need these to join our  team and gain access to our amazing Botanica Tribe community. If you land on the enrolment page some other way, make sure you use my member number 21888552 in the “Sponsor” and “Enroller” fields.

☼2. Choose your starter kit
Select which starter kit you would like. The Premium Starter Kits offer the best value for money and give you the most amount of products so you can really dive in.

☼3. Essential Rewards Enrolment is optional. By joining when you enrol you are able to your starter kit as your first essential rewards order so will automatically earn 10% back on your order to use as store credit for future products.

You can set up a monthly customisable wellness box for the following month, that if you decide later is not for you, is free and easy to opt out of. The monthly wellness box is how I am changing our home over to low tox products, room by room. This saves me time in the supermarket and gives me confidence that what I am brining into my home is safe for my family and for the environment. The easier we can make the change to natural living, the more sustainable I have found it to be.

If you are not ready to sign up for essential rewards just yet, select “no” continue filling out your info.

☼4. Done! Welcome to the oily life!

I will send you a welcome email with info on how to start your low tox oily life while you wait for your starter kit to arrive and will start connecting you in to all our amazing groups and resources. Oh and keep your eye out for your special welcome gift that is customised just for you as a thank you for choosing me to start your low tox life with.

Welcome to the oily life!

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